Creating sunlight with Lightroom

In the middle of Portland's endless rainy season, I'm longing for sunshine. While I can't easily find it for myself, I can create it for my dolls. And, it's really easy, assuming you have any kind of touchup tool with an adjustment brush. Here's a picture I'm working on for my current episode. I start... Continue Reading →

What I’m working on: Lighting

For someone who takes as many photographs as I do, I know shockingly little about lighting. This year, I hope to address that gap. I'm working through a book called Light: Science and Magic, which has 400+ mostly positive reviews on Amazon. If I learn anything interesting, I'll let you know 🙂

New episode and new characters

I'm working on a new episode of In the Pictures (the storyline with the two sisters who can enter images through a magic wardrobe. So far, although I love the faces of the dolls in this series, and I adore their bullterrier dog Bodger, I just have not connected with the storyline. Why do I... Continue Reading →

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