In the Pictures Episode 4: The land of milk and honey



Tangled up in details, Or how I got so busy writing that I forgot my own plot

I felt really terrible when I had to retire Rat at the end of the last episode. I'd really enjoyed the vibe between Rat and Cosette, and Rat was the most fantastic poser. So, when he lost his foot and I decided to retire him before other body parts began falling off, I started to... Continue Reading →

What I’m working on: Lighting

For someone who takes as many photographs as I do, I know shockingly little about lighting. This year, I hope to address that gap. I'm working through a book called Light: Science and Magic, which has 400+ mostly positive reviews on Amazon. If I learn anything interesting, I'll let you know 🙂

New episode and new characters

I'm working on a new episode of In the Pictures (the storyline with the two sisters who can enter images through a magic wardrobe. So far, although I love the faces of the dolls in this series, and I adore their bullterrier dog Bodger, I just have not connected with the storyline. Why do I... Continue Reading →

Where is Rat?

I'm still documenting Rat's adventures since being approached by a dark figure in the night. Here's a peak at one of the shots I'm working on: You might recognize the passenger in the front as the source of the dark shadow in my previous blog. But, what's that in the back of the car, you... Continue Reading →

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