A sense of place

It turns out, from my cursory research, that the Isla la Tortuga is one of the few uninhabited tropical islands where my Camellia character can have her adventure. Tropical? Check (unlike just about any land mass off the US or Europe). Interesting animals? Check - capybara, coatis, even a jaguar which could be the source... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 02: Camellia’s Journey Begins

Camellia's story starts mid-adventure, with a dark backstory that I don't think I'll ever  fully reveal. What lies in her future, only Camellia can say. While I create the storyline for the rest of my dolls, Camellia negotiates her own. She wasn't even supposed to star in this story - I had another doll altogether... Continue Reading →

Daisy gets a dog

Each of the dolls has a pet, as well as a medium. For Daisy, it's a dog and photography. I spent most of my evenings for a month finding the right dog for Daisy. First, she borrowed a beagle from my Lottie dolls The beagle is cute, but it looks like a cartoon, while Daisy... Continue Reading →

Daisy goes for a bike ride

For a project built on the premise that dolls can have adventures, the difficulty of taking great shots of dolls "in the wild" is a huge roadblock. Either I use one of my studio shots (on the top) where I'm able to capture a sense of motion, and then merge it completely unartfully into the... Continue Reading →

Opposing circles, part 3

Success. Apparently the no-pin method works. Here's the link, circle diagrams and all. I'm still puzzled why the head piece was originally drawn with an extra seam allowance. I cut it without the added seam, and it appears to match correctly with the body piece to which I had added a seam. I guess I'll find... Continue Reading →

Opposing circles part 2

Or, "a breakthrough, I am doomed." After reading through several suggestions online (you'll be shocked at how many pins you can fit in a square inch of fabric), I found a method that actually works. It has to do with matching up the fabrics on the seam line (not the cut line) and it involved... Continue Reading →

Opposing circles make me weep

Clearly, the edges of these two pieces are not going to fit together. I've tried pinning every which way from Sunday, and I only manage to catch every bit of fabric in the stitch. And this is just step 7 of the first project in a book's length tutorial. After detailed instructions (with diagrams!) on how... Continue Reading →

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