Finding a familiar for Camellia

When I first told Camellia I was giving her a bluebird as a companion, she laughed. Warmly and sweetly, of course, with her air of sadness, but still, a laugh. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Maybe of Snow White singing with the bluebirds. maybe of a lovely bluebird my Aunt Shirley gave... Continue Reading →

Setting Camellia Adrift

On the 12th page of my doll notebook - where I jot down tasks and notes - I've written"sort out ocean." I even have a checkbox next to it, so that I can check it off my list when the ocean is done being sorted out. Camellia's ocean is about to take a starring role,... Continue Reading →

Lily waits in the wings

There's one more character, waiting in the wings. Lily is the only doll I had custom made. My other dolls are all variations of Andrea's (from Wildwood dolls) available characters. But, when I went looking for an older, female doll, I couldn't find any. So I asked Andrea to make one, based on my favorite... Continue Reading →

Dolls in the great outdoors

I have a series of shots of my husband from our hikes titled "Bob, dwarfed by nature" where he appears very small against enormous mountains, waterfalls, etc. For my dolls, however, I don't have to get out of the backyard before they're made to look as small as, well, they are. Here, for example, is... Continue Reading →

A casement window for Rosie

Rosie is the only doll who doesn't get to travel the world - so I wanted to be sure that the world could come to her. In her story, it flows in through open casement windows. She sleeps under the open windows, and, every night, some new adventure creeps in and rests on her pillow,... Continue Reading →

Fashion dolls just want to have fun

It seems like Barbie should be having more fun. She's got mountains of stuff - accessories, vehicles, and-oh-that-closet. But, it all feels a little empty. Take these photos of Barbie in Paris, for example. The team at Barbie Style puts a ton of effort into their setups - it's not photo shopped, they're... Continue Reading →

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