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Rosie’s Adventure Begins

IMG_2333 touched up

Rosie is my one “kid” doll, and she’ll have more kid-like adventures than my other dolls. That means both that I won’t put her in danger (no ocean journeys for Rosie) and that many of her adventures are pure flights of fancy. This one, though, is just a little moment in her life – a fledgling attempt to be a “big girl” and a big hairy dog to rescue her when that attempt fails.

Rosie starts to fall

Rosie and dog dancing

Rosie on the ground

The Lick

Speaking of fledgling attempts, I have now entered the realm of Photoshop 101, brought on by a stupid miscalculation on my part. I didn’t have Rosie’s room ready yet (still working on her casement windows), so I thought I’d just use a piece of flooring and a sheet of her wall paper and fake it. Here she is in the cube.


But, of course, you can see the rest of the room in the shots – both around her and in the mirror. Here’s the first shot in this blog, as it actually came out.


So, you can see the light cube everywhere and just a tiny bit of my floor prop.

Second rookie mistake – I paid no attention at all to the color of the backdrop in the light cube. I had red in the initial set up, but I ended up using black for most of my shots with Rosie because it contrasted with her clothes. Hence, the recently-dead pallor of her face.

So, in photoshop, I had to add just a plain picture of the floor and a plain picture of the wallpaper and paste her onto that, and then adjust for the color and then adjust for the weird barren look of the space by vignetting the hell out of the whole thing.

All in all, not really what I wanted at all, but Rosie and I are both still learning and, hopefully, we’ll both sort it all out. Luckily, we both have big, hairy dogs to make us feel better when it all goes wrong.


* Rosie is the creation of Andrea Meyer of Wildflower dolls. If a doll can be a muse (and, I’d argue, it can) Andrea creates muses.




In my (almost) 60th year on earth I decided to set my fashion dolls free of their clothes and accessories and send them on adventures. This is your window onto my own adventure into a land of crafts where I have zero skills, talent or mentors. Wish me (and my dolls) luck!

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