Gradual stiffening, in miniature

Lily's garden wall of brick and foam represents the idea of gradual stiffening - the second, but probably not the last, time I'll mention the influence of Christopher Alexander and his pattern language in my work. I like to think that he would be amused to see his patterns applied to these tiny worlds. In... Continue Reading →

A garden wall for Lily

No matter who wins the presidential election of 2016, there will be a wall. It will be strong, it will be solid, and no one under the height of 5 inches will be able to scale it. They will, however, be able to walk around it and enter Lily's garden. Such is Lily's garden wall.... Continue Reading →

I'll be migrating my site to a self-hosted site over the weekend and launching the new site on Monday. I'm planning on continuing to post summaries here with links to the main blog, but let me know if that turns out to be a hassle and I can move your subscriptions over to the... Continue Reading →

Writing without words

Early on, I decided that my doll adventure would rely very little on words. What entranced me were the the story and the images, and everything that pulled me away from that felt like a distraction.

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