Building Lily’s world

Lily is the first of the dolls to have two permanent diorama spaces - one outdoor diorama space (in her secret garden) and one indoor diorama space (in her room). The indoor space was simple to put together - it only has a few elements. Three walls (two taken from Daisy's room, and one new).... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 12 – Lily and the case of the lost doll, part 2

Lily continues her search for the lost doll Scene 1: In the garden Scene 2: At home So, the opposite of Rosie (who has dreams and brings back objects).  Lily can hold an object and paint a dream. And Lily is dreaming (painting) of the sea. That's my mom again in the old photos, along... Continue Reading →

The soul of a doll

I spend a lot of time staring into the eyes of dolls, looking for someone to stare back. For a doll to star in these stories, you have to be able to imagine what she what's going on her head. I talked about it the start to Rosie's adventure - when Rosie looks in the... Continue Reading →

Plotting the central mystery

I've ripped out and completely redone the central mystery at least 20 times. Maybe more. Here's the problem. Daisy is a young woman who knows that there is some mystery in her background. The premise of the story is that an event, a meeting, kicks her out of her life and around the world to... Continue Reading →

The secret lives of dolls

Rosie has a secret. And even she doesn't know it. Her dreams are so substantial that they leave bits of themselves behind. This week's dream dropped one of Van Gogh's flowers in her room, which Buddy (the small, felted dog) hid away in the cupboard. Other dreams will leave other treasures. You'll see some echos... Continue Reading →

Adding movement to Camellia’s story

Camellia's story is adventurous enough that it demanded movement - not of Camellia, who is animated even when still, but of her surroundings. She needs a world where the sea churns, and the trees sway. My first foray into video was very simplistic. I found some videos online, and I added still images to them.... Continue Reading →

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