Creating backdrops – a new experiment

While my indoor rooms have walls, my outside sets need diorama backdrops - the sky, trees, flowers - something that defines their space as existing somewhere other than in my garage workshop. I've tried a number of different diorama backdrops in Lily and Camellia's episodes. The backdrop behind Lily here from from Episode 8 is a... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 14: Rosie’s fairy adventure

Another quiet night at home, playing with paper fairy dolls. It's hard to keep all of my dolls safe. As soon as Camellia safely washes ashore and tames the panther, poor Rosie is kipnapped by fairies. She's about to enter another painted world - one of the paintings is already outside her window. It's a... Continue Reading →

Adding cinemagraphs to doll pictures

I'm slowly learning to add motion to Camellia's adventures through cinemagraphs, so I'll share what I've learned so far. Basically, a cinemagraph is a fancy animated GIF. You create a stack of photos where just one element changes, and then merge them together into an animated GIF. Here's what a real one looks like (not... Continue Reading →

Doll adventures need an action stand

Mid-adventure, I find myself (and my dolls) sorely in need of an action stand. You've all seen doll stands. They look something like this: and they hold the doll, upright, around the waist or the legs. Which is great, if your doll is just standing there. But, not so great, if she's mid-fall, like this... Continue Reading →

I feel like I'm missing the point on Tumblr - what exactly is it good for? After a few weeks, I'm still struggling to find people who are actually making/doing/saying anything. Instead I'm lost in a bewildering world of reblogs, where I can watch the same damn post spread through my feed, like a contagion.... Continue Reading →

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