Underfoot: A visit to the dollhouse

The girls start their adventure in a world largely in their own scale - a visit to Lily and Rosie on the My Doll Adventure set. They start with a visit to Lily Then Jinjur stays behind for Lily to try to fix her hair While upstairs, Buu and Rosie go for a wild dog... Continue Reading →

I find it very hard to look at everyday objects and imagine what they might be in 1/6 scale. For my main doll adventures, that means I mostly either make everything in their world, or buy readymade playscale objects. But, for my Underfoot adventure, it doesn't make much sense for them to have object built... Continue Reading →

My other project: Underfoot

I'm just starting a second project called Underfoot. It has a simple premise - it follows the life of a few dolls who are trying to make their way in a normal scale world. Unlike my main My Doll Adventure storyline, it's very loosely plotted. I assume there will be a general thread of a... Continue Reading →

I really struggle to make decent photos of my plot complications. I can usually get one or two that please me, but the rest are just mundane pictorial representations in service of an overly-convoluted storyline. I'm far enough through My Doll Adventure that I can't make mid-story plot corrections - the twists and turns are... Continue Reading →

Hopelessly distracted

I managed to get hopelessly distracted over the winter holidays. Between being frozen out of my (unheated) garage workspace, starting a terrific online course about stop motion animation, and purchasing my first ball joint doll, I'm so busy that I can't get anything done 🙂 The doll adventure will go on, but it may proceed... Continue Reading →

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