Where it all started: Daisy taking off

Daisy was my first doll, and photographing her taking off was my first step into my doll adventure. I fell in love with the image of her lying in her bathrobe with her hair sprawled out behind her. And I loved it even when the lighting was ridiculous and her room was obviously way too... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 19 – Daisy takes off

Daisy has finally put the pieces together, and now her adventure begins. She packs her things . . . waves goodbye . . . and as she pulls out of the driveway, someone watches from the upstairs window . . . waves, . . . and then collapses in tears.

A simple sea set for Camellia

Camellia's dog rescue takes place on a very simple set. It's literally just: A black piece of foamboard, with a bit of sand sprinkled at the front Underneath a lovely pieces of stained glass, from my friend Diana In front of a vinyl photo backdrop of a full moon over the ocean. Here's the set,... Continue Reading →

Doll house cleaning

(panting, drops to couch and starts typing) Am I late? Sorry, I got all caught up in house cleaning this weekend (which has been neglected woefully these last six months) and am just getting back to posting now. I imagine you thought, from the title, that I was cleaning my doll house. Actually, the dolls... Continue Reading →

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