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Episode 18: Camellia and a gift from the sea

As we catch up with Camellia, we find her scanning the horizon.

Camellia scans the horizon
Camellia spots something in the water
Camellia reaches for the object
Camellia rescues the dog
Camellia nurses the dog back to health

I had lots of grand, and even mundane plans for this episode, but they were not to be.

One involved the source of the dog – I’d imagined at first that Camellia would spot a passenger boat sinking and the dog would come in on part of the wreckage. But I couldn’t snag a great shot, and it seemed like quite a lot of loss of life just to get her a dog.

My other idea is that the dog is Camellia’s dog, which seems in character (Camellia draws things to her), and I may still show a backstory explaining how that might happen. But, for now, it’s just *a* dog – the dog Camellia wants with her.

This is the one of the many dogs I auditioned for Daisy’s dog (a role which eventually went to the white plastic dog, Annie). I mentioned that one of the reasons why I’d ruled him out for Daisy is that he’s breakable (the awake version of the dog arrived with a broken ear. But I figured Camellia was in the sand, so not much could happen to her. Turns out I shot this particular episode over a lovely sheet of stained glass (thanks, Diana!). And then, Camellia lifts us the dog to rescue it, and gravity happens. So, the sleeping dog is now without one front paw.

An oddity in Camellia world – apparently, the sky is creased :). I have these great photo backdrops, but they’re printed on some kind of vinyl, so I can’t just steam them straight.

I very much like the Madonna-and-child vibe in the last photo, with all of the animals looking on.

I’ll show you around the new (temporary) set on Wednesday. On Friday, I’ll do a quick comparison in posebility between my ball joint dolls and my articulated fashion dolls.



In my (almost) 60th year on earth I decided to set my fashion dolls free of their clothes and accessories and send them on adventures. This is your window onto my own adventure into a land of crafts where I have zero skills, talent or mentors. Wish me (and my dolls) luck!

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