How much is that doggy in the (browser) window?

or how many 1/6 scale bulldogs does it take to fill a diorama? I'm generally pretty thrifty in my doll and diorama purchases. With the exception of the main character dolls, I get almost everything else on the way cheap - Dollar Store, Goodwill, and Aliexpress. But, sometimes, I get some jones for a particular... Continue Reading →

What I’m working on/thinking about

And  these last few weeks, it's been much more thinking than working 🙂 My Doll Adventure: At 20 episodes, we're about halfway through the story. These last weeks I've brought the stories together, which means that they need to mesh going forward. Next week, I'd like to get back to Camellia, but there are about... Continue Reading →

Moving day

Without moving to a new home, I seem to have set off a cascade of smaller changes which resulted in every single object in my home being moved to another location within my home. Add to that that this morning my husband and I awoke to the sound of small crunching sounds coming from the... Continue Reading →

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