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Episode 21: Camellia and the gift

Camellia has successfully brought the half-drowned dog back to health, but, worrying that the nights are too cold for him, starts to build a shelter.

Camellia starts dragging logs onto the beach
. . . works on binding the wood together
Then falls asleep, exhausted.
When she wakes, the panther is gone and someone has left clothing, food, tools, and a lantern.
She senses that someone is watching through the leaves.

. . . but it’s the panther returning

“Is someone there?”



In my (almost) 60th year on earth I decided to set my fashion dolls free of their clothes and accessories and send them on adventures. This is your window onto my own adventure into a land of crafts where I have zero skills, talent or mentors. Wish me (and my dolls) luck!

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