My Doll Adventure 26 – Uncovering the Past

In Lily's last episode, she held a picture of Daisy and painted her standing outside the Secret Garden shop. We continue her story later that same day. ***** I had a lot of fun with the transitions this week - panning through the shop, doing the split screen call, and following James' story of finding... Continue Reading →

The sequential art of dolls – Scott McCloud’s Making Comics

I read Scott McCloud's "Understanding comics" years ago, when I was thinking of making an adventure game. It's a high-level look at the art of comics - well worth a read if you're doing anything in the realm of sequential art. I'd missed his more practical guide - "Making Comics" - which is totally fantastic... Continue Reading →

Fire in miniature photography, and a hut

On Monday I wrote about getting the right shots for the start of Camellia's next episode. Today I'll show you my experiments on bringing fire in miniature photography, and the makings of a hut. By Friday, I should have everything ready for her episode. I've seen different suggestions for making a fire that looks like... Continue Reading →

Set up for Camellia’s next episode

I'm flipping the schedule the week (and maybe for the following weeks as well, if it works out well.) So, instead of starting with the finished episode on Monday and talking about it the next couple of days, I'm going to write about doing the episode on Monday and Wednesday, and then share the finished... Continue Reading →

What I’m working on in April

My main doll adventure is humming along nicely (although, not bloodlessly :)). We're halfway through the 7th sequence (a full round of each doll's story), with 3 full and one short sequence remaining. With the main plot sketched out, my big remaining issue is sets. I took everything apart when I moved things around last... Continue Reading →

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