Taking action shots of inanimate objects

I've spent more hours than I'd care to guess trying to prop up my figures for motion shots. For my fashion dolls - all four of the My Doll Adventure  figures - I rely on some kind of stand. For my ball-joint dolls - all of the characters in the Underfoot and Up Above stories,... Continue Reading →

(Doll) character development

I entered doll adventure land through a side door - somewhere between play and play therapy - so many of the building blocks of photography, miniatures, and writing are unfamiliar to me. Because I could see their effects in every shot, I focused my learning on photography and miniatures. But, as I start to branch... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 29: The Stranger’s Story

We ended Rosie's last episode with Frank placing a story in the local paper seeking any info on the girls' (Rosie and Daisy)'s mother, Camellia. This week's episode starts with someone reading that article. Over coffee, someone reads the day's paper and spots an article which recalls a day 12 years ago She makes a... Continue Reading →

Pirates on the windowsill

There's always that moment in a Rosie adventure where I try and figure out who going to whisk her away on her dream adventure. For her doll adventure, I always knew that it would be my "big" dolls (China girl, Blythe, and doll Rosie) and, for her fairy adventure, I already had a fairy picked... Continue Reading →

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