Ironing backdrops, or what I’ve done this week

Here's what my to do list for this week looks like: * Fix very front of hut for close-ups * Add some items for inside the hut * Iron out backdrop * Rewatch citizen kane * Work through next Photoshop chapter * Read next Making Comics chapter I haven't gotten to the hut yet -... Continue Reading →


Select and mask: Camellia escapes from the ball

The first series of shots I took of Camellia, before I started the doll adventure, were of her escaping the ball. I love the idea of her in bare feet with her skirt lifted up fleeing down some marble steps. Here's the shot I took of her: Like so many of my early shots, I... Continue Reading →

Up Above: Planning the treehouse

My Up Above doll adventure starts out slowly - two sisters sit in the glade behind their house and plan out how they might build a treehouse. ***** I got one day of clear weather, so I was able to take the last two shots outside (although I still photoshopped a background behind the picture... Continue Reading →

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