Turning a photographic novel into a graphic novel

Looks like I'm playing around with the second version again, while I'm supposed to be finishing the first 🙂 But I had an idea I wanted to see the adventure in more of a graphic form. Fortunately, Photoshop (and, in this case, Photoshop Elements) has some cool filters for quickly transforming photos into sketches and... Continue Reading →

Rosie is the brains of the adventure

And, we're back. Lovely week off seeing my family, dancing at a wedding, and all-in-all having a great time. We're to the point in the plot where everyone-who-isn't-Camellia shares a single episode. In the one I'm working on now, Lily and Daisy are rushing around looking at tide-tables and maps trying to figure out what... Continue Reading →

An odd day

An odd day here in doll adventure land. I started the day getting laid off, and ended it driving a dead possum up to Vancouver, WA. And still, in-between, I managed to work up a few Rosie dreamland shots. Here's my in-progress shot of the island queen I'm assuming I'll finish up the shoot in... Continue Reading →

We're heading towards the finish line, here, with the conclusion of Rosie's final dream adventure. After that, it's just a hop skip and a jump away from the conclusion of my year-long adventure. For Rosie, apparently the pirates have taken her through some of my favorite artist's landscapes: In other news, I was rewarded for... Continue Reading →

The freedom to change one’s mind

If there's one thing I was certain of on Friday, it was that I was going to take a year off from reworking the My Doll Adventure series once I'd wrapped up the first draft. Naturally, the first thing I did on Saturday was start working on the revised version. I still think I'll hold... Continue Reading →

Underfoot: A night in the shop

After being turned away from the hotel in their last episode, Jinjur and Buu take to the streets to find some place to stay the night. But the big world is not a safe place for little things Looking for a place to stay, they spot a shop. And use the mailslot to scramble in... Continue Reading →

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