Creating 1/4 scale flooring for $4

After going round in circles for while figuring out how to make a realistic-looking treehouse floor, I finally stumbled on something that seems to be working. For something to work for me, it needs to be: Easy Cheap Realistic-looking I'd dismissed the stick-on parquet tiles, because I doubted the girls would install parquet floors in... Continue Reading →

From each according to their abilities

My fashion dolls all have pretty similar posing abilities. The two dolls on the Barbie Made-to-Move bodies (Lily and Daisy) are easier to pose than the two dolls on Obitsu bodies (Camellia and Rosie), but they all pose in pretty similar ways. That means that, when I sketch out a plot, I'm not figuring out... Continue Reading →

Back to the treehouse

While the Mia Fiarello team is making their way to Camellia, let's check in with the treehouse sisters. When I started working again on this story, I realized how incredibly slapdash and haphazard I'd become about setting up for episodes - just grab a few items, set up the camera, and shoot. I *could* do... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 34: Worlds in motion

After the flurry of activity in Rosie's last episode, it's oddly quiet today. In Silverton, OR, not a creature is stirring.   And everything is quiet in Syracuse, IT as well. I wonder where everyone could have gone? Ah, *there* they are. Well, looks like they're all taking off. Let's hope that Rosie's map is... Continue Reading →

A sense of place, revisited

In one of my first posts, I wrote about trying to find a place for Camellia in the real world. Her location was difficult to find, since I needed a livable, sparsely-inhabited island which might house a panther. Since there's not going to be a real reveal on place for her (just far away shots... Continue Reading →

In the Picture: Endless summer

The start of summer finds two sisters luxuriating in their freedom. OK, maybe they're the tiniest bit bored. By evening, they settle in to watch a little TV. Oh, great, it's Night of the Living Dead. Hearing a sound at the door, they go to investigate. And quickly slam it shut. Well, *that* was certainly... Continue Reading →

I never thought I'd find myself downloading the 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead as part of my doll adventure, but that's what happened this week. After deciding (more or less) what I'd do with my two 1/4th dolls who got shut out of the treehouse story, I've spent the last few days... Continue Reading →

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