My Doll Adventure 35: The End

Last time we checked in, all of the characters were converging on the airport in an attempt to find Camellia. Did they make it? Let's see. Well, hmmm, not sure. Let's see if we can get another angle Oh, yes, I think I can make it out. Let's try one last angle Ah, good, looks... Continue Reading →

Overhead: First night in the treehouse

After building a rough platform in their last episode, Fern and Olive are finishing off the floor of the treehouse. Well, maybe Fern is doing most of the work. When it's all done, they relax and admire their work. Then Willow puts on a record . . . . . . and everybody dances. All... Continue Reading →

Dancing dolls

I take back everything I said about Olive's (my Iplehouse Amy doll's) posing ability in my previous post. Apparently, although she's not always able to resist the forces of gravity, she can totally dance. I think her dancing ability comes from the way her chest joint pivots. Unlike most of my ball-joint dolls, she can... Continue Reading →

Building the treehouse

Early morning, and Olive and Fern are busily discussing the treehouse. Olive scouts out a likely tree. And then the sisters get to work. Willow arrives with some refreshments and all three sisters admire their handiwork. ******* Next week is going to be a little discontinuous. I'd planned a little dance session for the three... Continue Reading →

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