Works in the public domain

I've been spoiled by the easy access to great paintings, which formed the backdrop of Rosie's adventures. Almost any great artist you can think of has the bulk of their work in the public domain. Not so for other works of art. Movies, in addition to being more recent, also have more stringent laws about... Continue Reading →

ABP – Always Be Photoshopping

You know your miniature world building has gone wrong when most of it is done in front of a computer. I don't know about other miniature world builders, but for me much of the delight is peering into their tiny worlds, or glancing up and seeing them mid-action in their tiny world. But, once I... Continue Reading →

Betwixt, the backstory

I have to confess, I don't actually know what's going on with Betwixt. I had some idea of a parent/child or master/apprentice type thing with the two main characters, with some magic and moving between worlds thrown in. And then, suddenly, my little Maskcat doll, who was meant to be a side character, suddenly made... Continue Reading →

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