Underfoot 05: Underfoot and Under Bed

In our last episode, Cosette befriended a rat, and the whole team spent the night in the sewers under Paris. We continue our story on the next morning. *** For all of my fussing about Mathilde this week, clearly my (surprisingly) calm dog, Sydney, was the star of the episode. *** What I learned this... Continue Reading →

Every (small) world needs a hero

I'm always struck by the strength and range of personalities in my dolls' faces. From the still sadness of Camellia, to Ester's inscrutable wide-eyed stare: each one brings their own history and their own future. But only one of them possesses the natural loyalty and grit of a hero I marvel that something so small... Continue Reading →

Betwixt 02: The rescue

***** I was worried all week that the pieces of this episode wouldn't come together - right up until the last few days, I didn't actually have a plot - but, in the end, I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. My one remaining concern is that this is an awfully truncated version of... Continue Reading →

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