Faking a painted wall for a roombox: Using Photoshop to paint a wall

I realize I could have added a little more detail in my last post about how to create a painted wall for a roombox, but I'd gotten pretty far through the post before I realized I should write about it, so I saved it for later. Anyway, here are the details. First, start with any... Continue Reading →

Building rooms for dolls: A place for my 1/3 scale Dollmore Manuier doll

My 1/6 scale dolls all have sets, although some of them are in pieces currently. Daisy has her room with the pale pink wainscotting, bookcases, and the window seat. Rosie has her blue room with the casement windows that let in dreams. Lily has a small room with a large wardrobe full of old letters... Continue Reading →

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