New episode and new characters

I’m working on a new episode of In the Pictures (the storyline with the two sisters who can enter images through a magic wardrobe.

So far, although I love the faces of the dolls in this series, and I adore their bullterrier dog Bodger, I just have not connected with the storyline. Why do I care about them and their travels? Who are they, anyway.

So, for this episode, I’ve added two (count ’em, 2!) new characters with their own stories, thus bathing the whole series in sorrow.

As a reminder, in previous episodes, there were just the two sisters and their dog, thusly:

“Why not Alice in Wonderland?”

Then, in the last episode, they added a cat (produced through the magic of the wardrobe), thusly:

In the episode I’m working on, I add a third, younger sister, here:

which is sort of like the three sisters in On Our Own, except that these girls are much edgier.

Where the family really differs is in the fourth character. I really struggled about what I was going to do with this character. The sisters are (largely) self-sufficient, so the fact that they don’t have adults around seems OK. And yet – it seemed like their family was incomplete as is (unlike On Our Own, where Willow takes the adult role). So I wanted to add a somewhat dysfunctional adult to the mix.

But, what kind of dysfunctional? I thought about an absent-minded, absorbed father, but I didn’t think that was the sort of parent these girls would have. (I might, though, add that character to On Our Own – we’ll have to see if I can find the right kind of doll). I thought about a drunk, but, really, that was more issues then I wanted to have the girlsĀ  go through.

So, instead, there is a mother who is just very, very sad. About what, I don’t know. She’s too sad to say much. And that leads her to not fully take care of her kids (especially the youngest, who still needs mothering), while still loving them.

Here she is, with Emily comforting her.

This A moment together

This doll – Dollmore Luv – is one of the saddest looking dolls out there, losing out only to Mydolling’s Heeah. I love her face, though, sad as it is.

I’m not certain how quickly I’ll move through this story. I may just focus on the younger sister for this episode, or I may bring in the Mom’s story as well. The Mom’s story is very loosely based on a period in my Mom’s life when she regained joy out of her sadness – I’ll share that story in another post, after I’ve rolled out this episode.

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