Lighting Learnings: Light from the side

For as long as I've been taking these pictures, I've spent precious little time thinking about my lighting setup. I can tell when pictures are good and when they're not so good, but I don't mostly review them to figure out *why* they're not so good. So, the reminder to light from the side was... Continue Reading →

One thing I didn’t expect: My life with fairies

Dolls, I sort of saw coming. No, I hadn't played with dolls as a kid, but I did collect stuffed animals and Playmobil toys well, well into adulthood. So, that I would start playing with dolls - well, no big surprise. The dogs central to every single story? I think *everyone* saw that coming. I... Continue Reading →

What I’m working on: Lighting

For someone who takes as many photographs as I do, I know shockingly little about lighting. This year, I hope to address that gap. I'm working through a book called Light: Science and Magic, which has 400+ mostly positive reviews on Amazon. If I learn anything interesting, I'll let you know 🙂

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