Tangled up in details, Or how I got so busy writing that I forgot my own plot

I felt really terrible when I had to retire Rat at the end of the last episode. I’d really enjoyed the vibe between Rat and Cosette, and Rat was the most fantastic poser.

So, when he lost his foot and I decided to retire him before other body parts began falling off, I started to search around for another character that Cosette would connect with. Then I had a great thought – I’d have Mrs Mouse and Rat have a child (can rats and mice crossbreed? No idea, but it’s no more far-fetched than non-animate objects breeding.) And, that could happen pretty darn quick (if my memory of rodent gestation is correct), and then they could send their rat/mouse child to Cosette to raise.

Fast forward a month or so, and my house is now overrun with various types of rats/mice that could conceivably be their child – felted mice, stuffed and jointed mice, etc. I really, really got into the whole mouse thing, and have (apparently) been browsing and buying mice as if there’s no tomorrow for buying mice.

Here’s by far the most adorable of the candidates – a little poseable mouse from RatBerry toys on Etsy.

Cute, huh? But, not to be.

Because, it turns out, there *is* no tomorrow for mice. In my frenzy to fill the rodent void in Cosette’s heart, I totally forgot how I had Rat exit from the last episode. He was driving away. With *all* of the rats and mice in Paris. Because they had been driven out. All of them. Indefinitely. Meaning that Paris is now (and for the foreseeable future) completely rodent free. Completely. So, how, exactly, are they shipping their mouse/rat child back? And, if the rat/mouse child can come to Paris, what exactly is keeping Rat in exile?

Sigh. Double-sigh.

Anyway – darn. So, Cosette, needs *something* to fill the hole in her heart. What’s it going to be? No idea. But the one thing it’s not going to be is one of the many many mice that surround me.

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