Shooting under the bed with candlelight

Sharing a few shots from last night, when the cast of Underfoot was all cozied up in their beds watching Incredible Journey. I tried out a few angles and light sources: And ended up using this shot, with a mixture of two LED tealights plus one solid beam, and then adjusted to exposure to make... Continue Reading →

On Our Own 03: Fern’s Story

***** Fern is now my official representative in the 1/4 scale dolls. I love Willow's quiet grace, but I am neither quiet or graceful. I love Olive's take charge spirit, but that's not me either. Fern, little as she is, is someone I completely understand. Which is why I knew, when she was sad and... Continue Reading →

Playing with dolls, again

It's seems an odd reminder to someone whose hobby is photographing and creating stories around dolls, but I seem to have forgotten all about playing with the little things. I got so caught up in the posing and the photographing and the photoshopping and the layout that I'd entirely forgotten the magic at the center... Continue Reading →

In the Pictures 03: The Chase

***** This episode marks the first time I can recall when I completely ran out of inspiration. The girls sat for weeks on my desk, with no clarity at all on what they were going to do. It was the delivery of a little felted cat that broke the dam - the episode just fell... Continue Reading →

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