When relationships don’t gel: Or what to do when your characters seem to be in different stories

Well, I'm not sure that last episode solved my problems with the In the Pictures sisters at all. I mean, I went from two sisters and a dog, who were missing a certain kind of warmth in their storyline. (And, here they all are, in their initial state): And I resolved it by introducing three... Continue Reading →

New episode and new characters

I'm working on a new episode of In the Pictures (the storyline with the two sisters who can enter images through a magic wardrobe. So far, although I love the faces of the dolls in this series, and I adore their bullterrier dog Bodger, I just have not connected with the storyline. Why do I... Continue Reading →

In the Pictures 03: The Chase

***** This episode marks the first time I can recall when I completely ran out of inspiration. The girls sat for weeks on my desk, with no clarity at all on what they were going to do. It was the delivery of a little felted cat that broke the dam - the episode just fell... Continue Reading →

In the Picture: Endless summer

The start of summer finds two sisters luxuriating in their freedom. OK, maybe they're the tiniest bit bored. By evening, they settle in to watch a little TV. Oh, great, it's Night of the Living Dead. Hearing a sound at the door, they go to investigate. And quickly slam it shut. Well, *that* was certainly... Continue Reading →

In Scene: Plotting out the final storyline

Strawberry (now Fern) threw all of my plans into disorder. I was going to have four un-related 1/4th scale dolls hanging out in a treehouse. Then I fell in love with this somewhere-between-1/6th-and-1/4th-scale doll, who fit so well with two of the 1/4th scale dolls that they ended up becoming a family. That left my... Continue Reading →

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