Creating sunlight with Lightroom

In the middle of Portland's endless rainy season, I'm longing for sunshine. While I can't easily find it for myself, I can create it for my dolls. And, it's really easy, assuming you have any kind of touchup tool with an adjustment brush. Here's a picture I'm working on for my current episode. I start... Continue Reading →

On Our Own 03: Fern’s Story

***** Fern is now my official representative in the 1/4 scale dolls. I love Willow's quiet grace, but I am neither quiet or graceful. I love Olive's take charge spirit, but that's not me either. Fern, little as she is, is someone I completely understand. Which is why I knew, when she was sad and... Continue Reading →

Dancing dolls

I take back everything I said about Olive's (my Iplehouse Amy doll's) posing ability in my previous post. Apparently, although she's not always able to resist the forces of gravity, she can totally dance. I think her dancing ability comes from the way her chest joint pivots. Unlike most of my ball-joint dolls, she can... Continue Reading →

Building the treehouse

Early morning, and Olive and Fern are busily discussing the treehouse. Olive scouts out a likely tree. And then the sisters get to work. Willow arrives with some refreshments and all three sisters admire their handiwork. ******* Next week is going to be a little discontinuous. I'd planned a little dance session for the three... Continue Reading →

Creating 1/4 scale flooring for $4

After going round in circles for while figuring out how to make a realistic-looking treehouse floor, I finally stumbled on something that seems to be working. For something to work for me, it needs to be: Easy Cheap Realistic-looking I'd dismissed the stick-on parquet tiles, because I doubted the girls would install parquet floors in... Continue Reading →

From each according to their abilities

My fashion dolls all have pretty similar posing abilities. The two dolls on the Barbie Made-to-Move bodies (Lily and Daisy) are easier to pose than the two dolls on Obitsu bodies (Camellia and Rosie), but they all pose in pretty similar ways. That means that, when I sketch out a plot, I'm not figuring out... Continue Reading →

Back to the treehouse

While the Mia Fiarello team is making their way to Camellia, let's check in with the treehouse sisters. When I started working again on this story, I realized how incredibly slapdash and haphazard I'd become about setting up for episodes - just grab a few items, set up the camera, and shoot. I *could* do... Continue Reading →

Up Above: Planning the treehouse

My Up Above doll adventure starts out slowly - two sisters sit in the glade behind their house and plan out how they might build a treehouse. ***** I got one day of clear weather, so I was able to take the last two shots outside (although I still photoshopped a background behind the picture... Continue Reading →

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