Make your doll part of the crowd: Using Photoshop to add your doll to a scene

The Betwixt characters seem to spend more time out and about then any of my other dolls, so I'm forever figuring out ways to make them part of the scene. Marta and Marcelo joined the crowd in the subway in their first episode. and later we caught up with them crossing the street: The tricks... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 35: The End

Last time we checked in, all of the characters were converging on the airport in an attempt to find Camellia. Did they make it? Let's see. Well, hmmm, not sure. Let's see if we can get another angle Oh, yes, I think I can make it out. Let's try one last angle Ah, good, looks... Continue Reading →

Moving day

Without moving to a new home, I seem to have set off a cascade of smaller changes which resulted in every single object in my home being moved to another location within my home. Add to that that this morning my husband and I awoke to the sound of small crunching sounds coming from the... Continue Reading →

Ester, my tiny tamer

The third member of my Underfoot cast arrived this week. She is Ester, from Maskcat dolls. In size, at 21cm she stands slightly taller than Buu (19cm). In shape, she's most similar to the slender Rosie (who's about 2cm taller). But in her brave expression, she's most like Jinjur. Her oversized eyes make you want... Continue Reading →

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