Among the Flowers 03: Adrift on the Endless Sea

*********************** One of the hardest parts of creating a story built around actual figures that I can see and touch, is that I feel an enormous weight when I set them onto some awful path. Yes, I understand that Camellia is a doll, but I pass her every day in the bookcase, still lying in... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 35: The End

Last time we checked in, all of the characters were converging on the airport in an attempt to find Camellia. Did they make it? Let's see. Well, hmmm, not sure. Let's see if we can get another angle Oh, yes, I think I can make it out. Let's try one last angle Ah, good, looks... Continue Reading →

The freedom to change one’s mind

If there's one thing I was certain of on Friday, it was that I was going to take a year off from reworking the My Doll Adventure series once I'd wrapped up the first draft. Naturally, the first thing I did on Saturday was start working on the revised version. I still think I'll hold... Continue Reading →

My Doll Adventure 29: The Stranger’s Story

We ended Rosie's last episode with Frank placing a story in the local paper seeking any info on the girls' (Rosie and Daisy)'s mother, Camellia. This week's episode starts with someone reading that article. Over coffee, someone reads the day's paper and spots an article which recalls a day 12 years ago She makes a... Continue Reading →

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