Creating sunlight with Lightroom

In the middle of Portland's endless rainy season, I'm longing for sunshine. While I can't easily find it for myself, I can create it for my dolls. And, it's really easy, assuming you have any kind of touchup tool with an adjustment brush. Here's a picture I'm working on for my current episode. I start... Continue Reading →

When relationships don’t gel: Or what to do when your characters seem to be in different stories

Well, I'm not sure that last episode solved my problems with the In the Pictures sisters at all. I mean, I went from two sisters and a dog, who were missing a certain kind of warmth in their storyline. (And, here they all are, in their initial state): And I resolved it by introducing three... Continue Reading →

Where is Rat?

I'm still documenting Rat's adventures since being approached by a dark figure in the night. Here's a peak at one of the shots I'm working on: You might recognize the passenger in the front as the source of the dark shadow in my previous blog. But, what's that in the back of the car, you... Continue Reading →

Improving Old Shots with Lightroom

I mostly go into Photoshop to play around with my photographs, and just use Lightroom for its automatic adjustments. But, I've recently learned how to get more out of Lightroom, and am using it more often to adjust my shots. Here's a shot I adjusted completely in Lightroom, before my adjustment. Cute image, but totally... Continue Reading →

More shooting in the dark

Lighting a shot is always a series of experiments. I have some very rough idea of what I want, and then I start playing around with placement and lighting. Sometimes sometimes everything looks great, and sometimes everything looks awful. I try to do more of whatever made the shot look great, but it's a pretty... Continue Reading →

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