Photo Stories then and now: Comparing Among the Flowers episodes over the years

At almost two years into learning to create photo stories, and reshooting the Among the Flowers storyline, I can start to see what I've learned over these years. It started with Camellia's episode, which launched the series. Although I left the first two shots largely unchanged, I fixed the very odd "exit stage right" shot... Continue Reading →


(Doll) character development

I entered doll adventure land through a side door - somewhere between play and play therapy - so many of the building blocks of photography, miniatures, and writing are unfamiliar to me. Because I could see their effects in every shot, I focused my learning on photography and miniatures. But, as I start to branch... Continue Reading →

Plotting the central mystery

I've ripped out and completely redone the central mystery at least 20 times. Maybe more. Here's the problem. Daisy is a young woman who knows that there is some mystery in her background. The premise of the story is that an event, a meeting, kicks her out of her life and around the world to... Continue Reading →

Writing without words

Early on, I decided that my doll adventure would rely very little on words. What entranced me were the the story and the images, and everything that pulled me away from that felt like a distraction.

A sense of place

It turns out, from my cursory research, that the Isla la Tortuga is one of the few uninhabited tropical islands where my Camellia character can have her adventure. Tropical? Check (unlike just about any land mass off the US or Europe). Interesting animals? Check - capybara, coatis, even a jaguar which could be the source... Continue Reading →

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