Credits for the characters and items used in these photos:

Wildflower dolls

All four of the main characters are from Andrea Meyer’s Wildflower Dolls Etsy shop. If a doll can be a muse, and I’d argue they can, then Andrea creates muses.

Each doll is one of Andrea’s head sculpts (each limited to a run of 50), which she then customizes by painting the face and gluing on hair. The head is then attached to a doll body – most of mine are on Barbie Made-to-move bodies.

Daisy is from Andrea’s “Ruby” sculpt. She was my first doll, so I didn’t have any specific instructions, beyond making the hair blond.


Camellia is from Andrea’s “Jacqueline” sculpt. I spent a long time figuring out what makeup/hair I wanted, and then finally just bought a doll Andrea had already made because, it turns out, she was just perfect.


Lily sits up in bed

Lily is the original doll in Andrea’s Jane sculpt. I wanted an older doll, and am in love with Joan Hickerson as Miss Jane Marple, so Andrea created a doll based off that character (using the Jacqueline head as the starting point). It was so popular, that she turned it into its own sculpt.


Rosie plays with her trains

Rosie is from Andrea’s “Rosie” sculpt. I needed a young doll, and Rosie’s face seemed right. Andrea gave her a young paint job and put her on a smaller Obitsu body.



Other OOAK dolls

Rosie is a doll

Rosemary is from DovileDollart on Etsy. I’d spent what seems like forever finding a red haired doll who could be Rosie’s doll self. When I saw Rosemary, I knew she was the one. Her head, lower arms, and lower legs are handsculpted from polymer clay. Her body, upper arms and upper legs are soft, and there’s a wire armature in upper legs and upper arms which makes it possible for her to hold a pose, although she can’t stand on her own. Her dress is handsewn and attached to her body.

Other dolls

I’ve used several mass-produced dolls in the story:

Other items

  • Many felted items in Rosie’s room, including her extremely smart dog, are from my talented sister, Melanie.
  • The painting of the bear and girl on the wall in Rosie’s room is from my favorite painter on Etsy – Amber Alexander.
  • Camellia’s raven is from DarialVovsky on Etsy.
  • Camellia’s panther is from Conchy Gem Dolls on Etsy.