Lighting Learnings: Light from the side

For as long as I've been taking these pictures, I've spent precious little time thinking about my lighting setup. I can tell when pictures are good and when they're not so good, but I don't mostly review them to figure out *why* they're not so good. So, the reminder to light from the side was... Continue Reading →

Improving Old Shots with Lightroom

I mostly go into Photoshop to play around with my photographs, and just use Lightroom for its automatic adjustments. But, I've recently learned how to get more out of Lightroom, and am using it more often to adjust my shots. Here's a shot I adjusted completely in Lightroom, before my adjustment. Cute image, but totally... Continue Reading →

More shooting in the dark

Lighting a shot is always a series of experiments. I have some very rough idea of what I want, and then I start playing around with placement and lighting. Sometimes sometimes everything looks great, and sometimes everything looks awful. I try to do more of whatever made the shot look great, but it's a pretty... Continue Reading →

Some under-the-bed shots

My experiment with the tablet-as-a-viewfinder and the flexible tripod has been wildly successful, IMO. My sense is that most of the success is due to using a larger viewfinder. A digression: Because I spend so much time setting up my shots *without* looking through the camera lens, I often realize after I've taken the shot... Continue Reading →

Old dog, new tricks

And it's the "old" part of this that really drove me to the new tricks. In the last Underfoot episode, the pack found a safe place under a bed. So, that's where I need to photograph them - under the bed. Which means that I have to lay my camera on the floor, get on... Continue Reading →

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