Improving Old Shots with Lightroom

I mostly go into Photoshop to play around with my photographs, and just use Lightroom for its automatic adjustments. But, I've recently learned how to get more out of Lightroom, and am using it more often to adjust my shots. Here's a shot I adjusted completely in Lightroom, before my adjustment. Cute image, but totally... Continue Reading →

More shooting in the dark

Lighting a shot is always a series of experiments. I have some very rough idea of what I want, and then I start playing around with placement and lighting. Sometimes sometimes everything looks great, and sometimes everything looks awful. I try to do more of whatever made the shot look great, but it's a pretty... Continue Reading →

Underfoot: A night in the shop

After being turned away from the hotel in their last episode, Jinjur and Buu take to the streets to find some place to stay the night. But the big world is not a safe place for little things Looking for a place to stay, they spot a shop. And use the mailslot to scramble in... Continue Reading →

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