Underfoot 05: Underfoot and Under Bed

In our last episode, Cosette befriended a rat, and the whole team spent the night in the sewers under Paris. We continue our story on the next morning. *** For all of my fussing about Mathilde this week, clearly my (surprisingly) calm dog, Sydney, was the star of the episode. *** What I learned this... Continue Reading →

Underfoot: A night in the shop

After being turned away from the hotel in their last episode, Jinjur and Buu take to the streets to find some place to stay the night. But the big world is not a safe place for little things Looking for a place to stay, they spot a shop. And use the mailslot to scramble in... Continue Reading →

Doll house cleaning

(panting, drops to couch and starts typing) Am I late? Sorry, I got all caught up in house cleaning this weekend (which has been neglected woefully these last six months) and am just getting back to posting now. I imagine you thought, from the title, that I was cleaning my doll house. Actually, the dolls... Continue Reading →

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